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This unique 3-day event will give you clarity and control of your digital marketing

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Make digital marketing work for your business

Too many businesses are still not confidently using the internet to grow their business. This especially effects companies around the £500k to £2.5m ($$ to our American friends) size. They have successfully grown their business but don’t have strong skills and experience in digital marketing. These companies are at risk. The problem is many companies of this size fear digital. That is why we developed Digital Business Power.

Our 3-day programme and on-going marketing services are designed to give you the clarity and confidence you need to use the internet and digital marketing to grow your business.

Get Digital Business Power

Our Digital Business Power programme is designed to give business leaders a clear understanding of how to be a digitally fit business. Many companies get busy in the Active stage without ever having done any planning (Present) and no idea of how to turn action into success (Growth). The solution to this is the 7 C’s to Digital Business Power.

CONFIDENCE – Digital Business Mindset
CREATION – L.O.V.E Your Business Blueprint
CONTACTS – High Value Client C.A.M.P
CONTENT – Content Made S.I.M.P.L.E
CONVERSATION – Stress Free Social Media P.L.A.N
CAMPAIGN – Money Making T.R.A.F.F.I.C System
CONTROL – Better Business Insights

At the end of the course your business will have a plan to follow, the skills and tools to achieve success, and the knowledge to turn results into sustainable growth. Book your place on the next Digital Business Power.

Working With Frontier

Frontier are a team of digital marketing experts, lead by No1 Digital Business Coach Jonnie Jensen. We run strategic coaching programmes and provide digital marketing services to help you get the work done. Our signature Digital Business Power programme is delivered over a 3-day event with on-going support.

Digitally competent businesses are proven to drive more sales and operate more cost effectively than their less digitally mature competitors. Many business leaders want these benefits for their company but struggle to make them happen. This is what Jonnie Jensen, founder of Frontier, wanted to solve. It is why he created Digital Business Power.

If you are interested in taking control of your digital marketing, driving sales and increasing the value of your business, then we are the partners for you.

Is your business ready for us?

Whether you want to dominate your market or simply maintain your position then Digital Business Power is the programme you need. It is perfect for companies around the £500k to £2.5m turnover size. You have an effective team and a successful business but are lacking in digital marketing knowledge. It is a dangerous place to be. Mistakes are made and business leaders are fearful of further investment. Does this sound familiar?
If you answer yes to 2 or more of these questions then register today:

  • The internet is not driving sales for your business

  • You have hired the wrong people or agency

  • You are busy on social media but have no plan

  • Your blog and email marketing produces no results

  • You want better results from Pay Per Click and social advertising

  • You are losing customers to your competitors

  • You paid for events and courses that haven’t helped

  • You pay for tools and services you don’t know how to use

  • You want to increase the digital skills in your business

  • You want a competitive edge that will increase the value of your business

Get Digital Business Power for your business

Through 8 years experience we realised too many companies were still making the same mistakes and not benefiting from digital marketing. We went back to basics and created a method for ensuring success and long term value. 

The Digital Business Power programme combines our strategic consultancy, mentoring and marketing support in a structured on-going process. If you just want to give your digital marketing to someone to do for you, then we might not be the right people. If you want to be a digitally fit business, confidently leading your industry, with great people and happy clients, then choose an option that suits you and lets get started.

3-day Event & Support

Digital Business Coach

Digital Marketing Services


It’s time to fix your digital marketing stress

I don’t know what bought you here today but it was likely to do with improving the results from your digital marketing.
What you have tried so far has not worked and you feel like you want a clear plan to follow. Something that will give you clarity and confidence.
This is what Digital Business Power gives you.

You may have questions and we want to answer them for you. Book a call with Jonnie Jensen, founder of Frontier.
As Digital Marketing Strategist and No1 Digital Business Coach he will help you make the best decision for your company and situation.
Even if you just have a question about digital marketing, content or social media, he is happy to have a call with you.

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Attend Digital Business Power

It is time to take action and get your companies digital marketing on track. Whether you want to dominate your market or simply remain competitive, this event gives business leaders the clarity and results they long for.
Together we will turn your digital marketing stress into success.

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